dinsdag 31 maart 2009

Pride & Joy

People told me once;

You never know what you have untill you lose it
&nd once you've lost it, you can't get it back.
So be proud and bless your friends&Familly who always got your back.
&nd never forget that your mommy will love you unconditionally.

Knowing that makes me more thankfull for everything i do have,
Instead of being sad for what i don't have.
That's why i smile at night

Cuz i'm thankfull for what happend in my past

It made my future.

So never regret the people who left you when you needed them the most
There's a reason they didn't make it to your future.

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Nadia Norden zei

Lieftallige Mandy♥
Pride and Joy is zo mooi dat ik het in mijn Blog overneem!
Veel liefs, xxx
Je echte vriendin