vrijdag 13 maart 2009

13 maart

I remember the times
When i was just a little girly
The world was beautifull
All so shiny &nd oh so pearly

When i got older
I'm thinking and wondering
Were did daddy go
But daddy had his own thing

He was my hero
Like a daddy should be
I tried to be a princess
To bad he didn't see

You probably needed more
&nd all i gave you was less
Can somebody please tell me
What does it take to be a princess?

You already knew i couldn't be one
But you don't care just let it fall
I know you don't need a rebel in your life
But it's clear now .. you don't need me at all

1 opmerking:

Nadia Norden zei

Lieftallige Mandy♥
Ook deze bijdrage van je is gelukt.
Voor mij ben je wel een prinsesje, hoor!
Veel liefs, xxx
Jouw Nadia