maandag 30 maart 2009

Dead and gone.

Let me put it this way
I'm not gonna deny my life was a little crushed
I was just tryin' to find my way back home
But the way back home, isn't always about sayin' goodbye to your past,
It's all about sayin hello to your future
Somethings might have broke you down along the road,
but let them be your motivation, to be stronger and try a little harder
They might lead you to the right destenation.

No regrets i'm blessed to say
The old me isn't dead and gone away
I'd rather be happy with it
And make my life worth too live
Cuz the old me made me who i am today.

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Nadia Norden zei

Dag lieftallige Mandy♥
Vandaag weer wordt je in mijn blog geëerd.
Mag ik je uitnodigen om deze regelmatig te volgen?
Groetjes ook aan lieftallige vriendin Énskee!
Veel liefs, xxx
Je vriendin