vrijdag 25 september 2009

This is us.

i'm like a sunday morning,you're like friday night
And when we kiss, the perfect weekend, no rain no sight.
When I'm feeling incomplete,you're my missing piece
And when you need your breathe taken away,
I'll be you thief.

From the start to the end
We don't need to protent
That we perfect all the time
Cause we know what we have
Through the good and the bad
it's a strenght that you cant deny

I don't need to find a million reasons why
This is us, this is us, this is how we love
Some ways were differents
But togheter we're so right
This is us, this is us

And this is how we love(L).

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Nadja Norden zei

Lieftallige Mandy♥,
Kort en goed: Felicitaties!
Je vriendin